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Enron Case Study - 5921 Words

Enron Case Study [pic] Part A: Problem Focused Analysis and Recommendations. 1. Brief Case Background. List key events, use timeline. Case Background At one time Enron was one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas, oil, and electricity. It also appeared to be one of the most profitable companies, taking shareholders from $19.10 in 1999 to $90.80 by the end of 2000. Enron’s top management answered to a Board of Directors whose responsibility was to question and challenge new partnerships, ventures, and decisions within the company. On several occasions, Andrew Fastow, the company’s Chief Financial Officer approached the board of directors with new investment partnerships which the board approved with very little†¦show more content†¦Lay died at the age of 64, in 2006. At the time of his death, the Securities and Exchange Commission was still trying to get $90 million in addition to civil fines. Skilling was indicted for securities and wire fraud and was convicted on 19 of 28 counts. He was sentenced to 24 years, 4 months in a federal prison. In addition he was ordered to pay $26 millio n out of pocket to restore the Enron pension fund. The result of Enron’s downfall contributed to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002. This law contains stronger penalties for fraud and requires public companies to avoid making loans to management, report more information to the public, become more independent from their auditors, and to report on and have audited the financial internal control procedures. Now, in public companies, when a manager signs off on a financial document of any kind, they are held responsible for the credibility of that document and its contents. After Enron, several other companies were investigated for fraudulent financial behavior such as Adelphia Communications, Tyco International, and WorldCom. Enron Timeline 1999 Enron’s stock price is $19.10 2000 Enron’s stock price is $90.80 with revenues of $100.8 billion (up from $13.2 billion in 1996) February 2001 Jeffrey Skilling becomes president and CEO of Enron. †¢ Debt levels rise to $37.3 billion, a 91% increase over previous 12 month period. †¢ Share price falls toShow MoreRelatedENRON Case Study1572 Words   |  7 Pages1. The Enron debacle created what one public official reported was a â€Å"crisis of confidence† on the part of the public in the accounting profession. List the parties who you believe are most responsible for that crisis. Briefly justify each of your choices. Following parties are believed to be the most responsible for the crisis. With any big organization going so bad, the blame starts with the top level executives, there was no different in this case. For Enron the blame started with Enron’sRead MoreEnron Case Study2596 Words   |  11 PagesEnron a Case Study Enron, once known as the worldwide leader in energy trading, began as a natural gas pipeline company. â€Å"At its peak, Enron brokered up to 20 percent of America’s energy transactions. These included basic contracts to deliver natural gas from wells to pipelines for distribution to homes, contracts for the purchase of electrical power facility out port, and more complex financial contracts, which allowed power companies to manage price and market risk† (Ackman)Read MoreEnron Case Study4789 Words   |  20 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report will analyse the groupthink’s concerns in the collapse of Enron. The collapse of Enron is less than three months, which Enron from a very prosperous company to a bankrupt enterprise. The collapse of Enron is one of the most grievous business failures in United States. This disastrous business failure had causes a large number of employees lost their jobs and retirement savings. Groupthink leads groups to make faulty judgments. Groupthink occurs when a group makeRead MoreEnron case study1195 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Q 1: Evaluate Enron profit and cash flow performance during the period 1998 – 2000? Profitability Measures Enron’s reported net income grew from $703 million in 1998 to $979 million in 2000, totaling 35.1% profit growth for the three-year period. Enron was among the leading of â€Å"high performing† companies by sustaining a high earnings growth insight. However, as Table 1 indicates, Enron’s reported profits were microscopic relation to revenues. Net income did not grow at anything near the sameRead MoreEnron Case Study Analysis1699 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness Strategy Enron Case Study 09/08/12 Enron Case Study: From Company to Conspiracy 1. What is the History of Enron, and what current situation does it find itself in? Enron was created by a combination of companies. These companies were Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth. These companies were merged together in July 1985. CEO of Houston Natural Gas, Kenneth Lay became chairman and CEO of the combined company. This happened in February 1986. The company changed its name to Enron on April 10thRead MoreEnron Case Study Summary976 Words   |  4 PagesEnron Case Study The case of Enron is a fascinating one. United States is a country where auditing and accounting principles are so strong. How can something take place on such high level in the United States? The Enron case demonstrates the need to reform the accounting and corporate governance practices in the United States. Moreover, the Enron case made government officials to pay close attention to deregulated energy market. Some of the aspects that struck me are discussed below. One of theRead MoreEnron Case Study1472 Words   |  6 PagesQ 1: Evaluate Enron profit and cash flow performance during the period 1998 – 2000? Profitability Measures Enron’s reported net income grew from $703 million in 1998 to $979 million in 2000, totaling 35.1% profit growth for the three-year period. Enron was among the leading of â€Å"high performing† companies by sustaining a high earnings growth insight. However, as Table 1 indicates, Enron’s reported profits were microscopic relation to revenues. Net income did not grow at anything near the sameRead MoreEnron Tyco Case Studies2163 Words   |  9 PagesRunning head: CASE STUDIES: ENRON’S FALL AND TYCO INTERNATIONAL’S LEADERSHIP CRISIS Case Studies: Enron’s Fall and Tyco International’s Leadership Crisis Grand Canyon University BUS 604 November 4, 2009 Case Study: Enron’s Fall and Tyco International’s Leadership Crisis The tight Federal regulations now governing businesses and their accounting practices came about because one corporation, Enron, took risks their company could not withstand without taking some rather extreme measures inRead MoreEnron and Worldcom Case Study1225 Words   |  5 PagesEnron and WorldCom Case Study This report is based on the demise of Enron Corporation and WorldCom. Both the firms are demised due to the ethical lapses. These ethical lapses come into existence when managements of the firm, uses unethical practices to accomplish the goals of the firm. Maintaining financial and accounting standards in the business practices are necessary. The profession of accounting has become a mockery due to the accounting scandals that took place all over the world in theRead MoreCase Study: Accounting for Enron4415 Words   |  18 Pagesï » ¿ Case Study 9 Kim Chau California Southern University MKT 86519 Dec 19, 2014 N. Papazian Accounting for Enron Introduction In the case of Accounting for Enron, the case concerned one of the largest corporate bankruptcies in the US history at the turn of the 21st century. It was Enron Corporation, a one time seventh largest most successful US company, sixth largest energy company in the world, valued at over $70 Billion; they filed for chapter 11 on December 2, 2001. Just the year before

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Using the French Expression Grâce à Correctly

The French expression grà ¢ce à   (pronounced grah sa) is a common phrase that people use to give credit to someone or something for a positive event or outcome. It is the rough equivalent in English of the phrase thanks to. Examples Like most French grammar youll use, grà ¢ce à  Ã‚  is spoken in the normal  register, meaning its used in everyday conversation, neither formal nor informal in tone. You may find yourself saying in any number of situations, such as these:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Grà ¢ce à   mon mari, jai une idà ©e pour un livre.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Thanks to my husband, I have an idea for a book.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Grà ¢ce à   ton assistance, il a fini le travail.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Thanks to your help, he finished the work.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Grà ¢ce à   Dieu!  Ã‚  Ã‚  Thank God! Variations You can also modify this phrase to say its thanks to... by placing the word  cest in front of grà ¢ce à  :  Ã‚  Ã‚  Sil a rà ©ussi à   lexamen, cest grà ¢ce à   toi.  Ã‚  Ã‚  If he passed the test, its all thanks to you.Remember that à   followed by the definite article le or les must contract:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Cest grà ¢ce au centre de loisirs que je sais utiliser Facebook.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Its thanks to the leisure center that I know how to use Facebook.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Grà ¢ce aux conseils de Pierre, nous avons trouvà © la maison parfaite.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Thanks to Pierres advice, we found the perfect house.Antonym: To blame someone or something for a negative event or situation, use the expression à   cause de.

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Hitler Was a Bad Leader Free Essays

One of the most controversial topics in history is whether or not Hitler was a good leader; to this I say he wasn’t. During Hitler’s reign of power, more like reign of terror, he may have brought success to the world but none of it can undo his damage; none can ever compensate for the lives he took. Hitler was a terrible leader in that he manipulated the young, he was very hypocritical, and he caused the Jewish Holocaust. We will write a custom essay sample on Hitler Was a Bad Leader or any similar topic only for you Order Now Hitler may have done more damage than good; however, he did know what he was doing. Hitler knew he needed supporters, and so he went to the people who would be the easiest to bring to his side. According to Hitler himself in his speech at Reichsparteitag in 1935, â€Å"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future! † Hitler’s manipulation of the youth succeeded into misleading an entire generation of idealistic German boys with the idea of racial and national superiority. Hitler strongly believed that any race or appearance different from what he claimed perfect, which was to be blonde with blue eyes, were to be destroyed. He used these â€Å"perfection† of people to become his base of support to help him carry out his barbaric attacks and later the holocaust. The young children did not know any better than to listen to their leader, so they acted without question, basically willingly helping him commit his sickening mass murder. The fact that he chose to manipulate younger children shows how pathetic he really was in that he wanted them because they were easier. Aside from his manipulating of innocent children to become his personal slaves, another reason he was a horrific leader was that he was a hypocrite. Hitler is most known for his act of murdering thousands of Jews because they were not blonde with blue eyes, but in reality, who is he to judge? Last time I checked, Hitler wasn’t even German but Austrian with black hair. This shows that he was an extremely racist man in that he attempted to take out an entire race because they were not his preferred ethnicity. This also shows that he was not fit to be a leader in that leaders are supposed to practice equality of all people, and are supposed to be of exemplary character. Seeing how he let his racist ways control him into committing such horrendous crimes just adds to how bad of a leader he really was. When someone first hears the name Hitler, there is usually a strong negative connotation that comes with it in that most people relate him directly to being the cause of the holocaust. The first reason he should never have been leader was that any person with such a sick and compulsive mind should never be in power. Already having such a fixed mindset, it should have been known that he would only do damage with his power. According to those around him, Hitler’s reasoning for the killing was that Jews were the cause of Germany’s problems. First of all, with no actual proof, it shows that Hitler acted on feeling instead of reason which obviously would only lead to downfalls. It also shows that he was a liar, and never should a country have such a ruler. Even if it is what he believed, it also shows he acted on impulse and simply what he believed instead of what was for the good of everyone. However, if he would still try to persuade people that he believed it really was for the good of all, it then just shows how he had the worst judgment and should not have been named ruler. Hitler was one of the worst rulers in our history because of his lack of good judgment and because of his wrong doings. Hitler gained support through the manipulation of innocent minds, which shows he was weak. He lived and spoke through hypocrisy, especially when he acted in killing thousands of Jews because of something they could not change. Hitler may have had some minimal success in adding to the world, but his injustices will forever shame him into being a horrible leader. How to cite Hitler Was a Bad Leader, Papers

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Impact of Organizational Structure and Leadership

Question: Discuss about the Impact of Organizational Structure and Leadership. Answer: Introduction: The relationship between Personality and Job performance is an important part of a successful company, industry or any type of organization. The relation between personality and job performance is an important subject or we can say a topic which is taken into consideration very seriously in various successful companies for a long time. The meaning of job performance is clear to us from its name, i.e. the performance of an employee of the company regarding its work or job. Actually the job performance depends upon various types of factors for its complete construction (Halim Zainal, 2015). Job performance tells us about the performance an employee of a company against a particular job or task given to it by the company. How well an employee performs that task can also be viewed by this process. Job performance also tells us about the initiatives taken by the employees of the company for doing any type of task. Further, this study also describes about the maximum extent up to which th e employees of an organization completes that task. This study helps an organization or the company in judging the utilization of various resources given to them by the company for performing different different tasks. This study indicates about the methods being used by the employees of the company for completion of a task given to them. It also indicates about time and the energy spent by the employees in fulfilling their task (Thisera, 2013). The personality of an employee also plays an important part in performing his or her job. Personality indicates various things about a person. It helps an organization or a company in indicating the general tendency to experience various factors such as feeling of fear, feeling of embarrassment, anger, sadness, guilt, etc. in any person or an employee of the company. Personality also indicates about extraversion of a person which includes various factors like sociability and talkativeness etc. it also tells about the intellectual curiosity of an employee to experience new thing from time to time in performing various tasks successfully for the sake of the company (Rothmann Coetzer, 2003). The personality of a person also describes about the will strength of that particular person for a task assigned to it by its organization. The way of talking, the way of thinking and the way, according to which one behaves with the other, is represented from this study. How an employee of a company behaves and communicates with others shows its personality. Personality and the job performance of an employee are related to each other. Nowadays, most of the companies, industries or any other organization either on a large scale or small one, each of them wants an employee who is well personalized as well as has good performance (Barrick Mount, 1991). Personality and performance plays an important role in a person or an employees life because these two qualities affect a lot to the company, industry or an organization to which they are related or we can say for which they are working. A person with good personality and work performance can completely change the work environment surrounding it. Therefore, it can be judged that the environment is completely influenced by the performance and the personality of an employee of a company. The personality of a person shows its attitude with others. The way a person takes decisions for a particular task is represented by its work performance as well as through its personality. Personal skills of a person also affect the workplace hugely, because it shows the action and the reaction of that person during the work. Personality and the performance of an employee show the quality of leadership. Personality also affects various things like conflict, motivation, etc. in a group of employees of an organization (Shahhosseini, et al., 2012). There are different different views of the people which affect the job performance as well as the personality of the other person. Personality and job performance of an employee helps an organization in judging various qualities of that employee. These qualities show that how an individual can handle a problem with the help of his personal beliefs, skills, values, etc. There are many factors such as agreeableness, quality of openness and stability to emotions, etc. which helps the company in making various predictions like an individual will have more or less conflicts, he or she will be able to work in a group or not and positive or negative a ttitudes towards their work or job assigned to them by the company. These are those factors which cant be easily changed because these factors are developed throughout a persons lifetime. So this study helps the management of a company to understand the positive and negative points of their employees rather than to fight with them while assigning any type of task to them for the betterment of the company (Maria, 2013). Interpersonal skills of a person or an employee of a company greatly affects the work environment of that company (Chu Huang, 2013). The positive attitude of an employee affects the company work with positivity and the negative attitude of an employee will affect the work of the company negatively. A person or an employee having a positive attitude or the positive nature, qualities generally enjoys completing his or her task while working. The positive attitude of an employee towards its work helps in motivating other employees of the company. A person having positive factors have the sensitivity and empathy, which helps them to act nicely with other employees working at a same work place. Management of the company provides special and important tasks to the employees having positive nature regarding to their work. Employees having a positive attitude are often placed at good designation in the company and they help the company in managing other employees of that company, dealing wi th important customers of the company and solving major problems being faced by the company. Taking important decisions in the company for the sake of the company is greatly influenced by the attitude of the employee which is a part of its performance and his or her personality (Tsai Chang, 2007). Positive qualities of an employee helps him/her in taking right decisions for the sake of the company under a great pressure, but on the other hand the person with negative qualities will be unable to make the right decision for the betterment of the company in those such conditions of great pressures and work load. This study helps the management in placing the right person in the right place to perform various tasks placing in appropriate positions so that they can give their best to the company for which they are working depending upon their qualities. If the management places an employee on a designation according to its nature and attitude than it automatically raises the motivation level of that employee and he/she will be able to work nicely and can easily complete his/her task in a specific time slot (Sakiru, et al., 2013). The overall job performance of an employee as well as of the company will be raised, because each employee will be happy with his/her work and will raise the level of their work on a daily basis. Therefore, the overall productivity of the company will get raised which automatically increases the business of the company if and only if the employees of the company are happy and are satisfied with the work assigned to them by the management (Agbim, 2013). Organizational Behaviour (OB) can be defined as the knowledge or a study related to an individual in an organization, as well as it also provides a description about the nature of the organization itself. Organizational behaviour helps in understanding the nature of various employees working in a company and it is becoming a necessary part of each and every organization day by day because people with different backgrounds and cultural values have to work together in an effective and efficient manner for the betterment of the company (Greek, 2016). Organizational behaviour provides a vision to an organization with the help of which the management can easily forecast that how employees will behave with each other. Therefore, this vision helps an organization in controlling the employees having a negative attitude towards their work for the benefit of the company. Organizational behaviour (OB) helps the management in indicating various factors or we can say important trends which are ne cessary for the development of the company or an organization. It helps an organization in making important decisions and selecting a particular method or an approach to complete the work and carrying its business worldwide. Organizational behaviour helps the management of the company in evaluating the relevance among many different approaches. It helps in maintaining the relationship between the practical work and the theoretical work of an organization by following various types of topologies. Organizational behaviour helps in predicting the various study values taken into consideration by the company for the completion of the task and in achieving its aim or mission. It also provides the information about establishing a basis for consideration of the various aspects (Ashraf, 2014). The interrelationship between the employees of an organization and the various management practices can be viewed easily and quickly with the help of organizational behaviour. It is the responsibility of the OB (Organizational behaviour) to make an understanding between the management and the employees, so that employees can easily understand the need of change required for the company. It gives the information to the employees about the important tasks which require more attention while performing them for a successful completion. Organizational behaviour (OB) provides the various resources required by the employees of the organization for performing their job. It provides the complete knowledge about the work or task to the employees, so that they can easily understand the method that how they have to do that particular task assigned to them by the management. The organizational behaviour of each and every successful company or an organization needs to apply the relationship between personality and the job performance for selecting an appropriate person for their company. It should recruit only those types of persons those who are having a good personality being followed by a good quality of working performance. If a person selected as having both the qualities than he/she can perform their assignments more effectively and efficiently, while creating a working env ironment around them (Parra Marengi, 2012). According to this study, we can easily imagine the importance and various advantages of the relation between the personality and the performance of a person or an employee. According to this a person should have both types of qualities, i.e. he/she should have a good personality as well as good performance to easily compete with other. A person can nourish his/her qualities by expanding their contacts list containing those persons which can provide benefits to them in their job through providing benefits to the company. An employee should actively participate in various activities being performed within the company. They need to participate in solving the problems being faced by the company from time to time and should have a clear image about the aim or the goal they want to achieve. Management of the company should provide easy presentations to the employees with the help of organizational behaviour. The management of the company should reward their employees those who are working well for the company, which automatically motivates and forces other employees of the company to improve their performance. This type of motivation will increase the overall performance of the company, which lead to increase the market value of the company and productivity of the company. Management of the company should need to check and should take a survey from time to time that either the employees are satisfied with their job or not. A person should change itself from time to time for modifying the various qualities related to his/her personality and working ability. An employee should attain the quality of leadership which is a part of both personality as well as performance. If he/she is having those qualities which are required by most of the companies nowadays then he/she can easily survive in the competitive environment of the company. If a person attains both the qualities, than he/she can be placed on a good designation in the company by the management. An employee should know about the different culture of the countries so that it can be beneficial for the company to carry its business across the boundaries through those employees. He/she should have the knowledge about different languages, so that they can easily communicate with the people of different countries. This also helps them to communicate with the employees working with them who belong to different cultures and countries. Therefore, we can say that OB scholars and leaders should follow the concept of the relationship between personality and the job performance for the sake an organization. References Agbim, K., 2013. The Impact of Organizational Structure and Leadership Styles on Innovation. IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM), February, 6(6), pp. 56-63. Ashraf, T., 2014. Organizatonal Behavior: UNESCO, Available at: Barrick, M. Mount, M., 1991. The big five personality dimensions and job performance: A META-Analysis. The big five personality dimensions and job performance: A META-Analysis, March, 44(1). Chu, L. Huang, K., 2013. How Personality Traits Mediate the Relationship Between Flow Experience and Job Performance. The Journal of International Management Studies, 8(1), pp. 1-14, Available at: Greek, W., 2016. What Is the Role of Personality in Organizational Behavior?. What Is the Role of Personality in Organizational Behavior?. Halim, F. W. Zainal, A., 2015. Achievement motivation as mediating factore in the relationship between personality and job performance relationship. Achievement motivation as mediating factore in the relationship between personality and job performance relationship, Volume 2, p. 11. Maria, B., 2013. the relationship between leadership effectiveness and organizational performance. Dresmara journal, 3(1), pp. 123-127. Parra, R. Marengi, J., 2012. Approcahes to organization and management, Available at: Rothmann, S. Coetzer, E., 2003. The big five personalty dimensions and job performance. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 29(1), pp. 1-7. Sakiru, O., Enoho, D., Kareem, S. Abdullahi, M., 2013. Relationship between employee performance, leadership styles and emotional intelligence in an organization. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS), February, 8(2), pp. 53-57. Shahhosseini, M., Silong, A., Ismaill, I. Uli, J. N., 2012. The Role of Emotional Intelligence on Job Performance. International Journal of Business and Social Science, November, 3(21), pp. 1-6, Available at: Thisera, T., 2013. Expolring the relationship between supervisor's leadership and subordinates performance. International Journal of Social Science Interdisciplinary Research, June.2(6). Tsai, H. Chang, P., 2007. Investigating the relationship among leadership styles,emotional intelligence and organization commitment on job performance: A study of salespeople in Thailand. The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, December.3(2).

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The History Of Psychology Essays - Psychological Theories

The History Of Psychology The History of psychology Roots of modern psychology remain in the past at the time of ancient Greece, yet the beginning of psychology has been around for nearly a century. It's exact date is 1879, in Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig was the first laboratory for experimental psychology. Wilhelm Wundt was really the first person to actually call himself a psychologist. He was the first person to have an experimental laboratory for psychology. Hermann Von Helmholtz was psychologist in mathematics and experimental mathematical physics. His works are connected with the eye, the ear, and the nervous system. Another person was a German as well, his name was Gustav Fechner, he studied how physical stimulation is translated into sensations, all three of these guys then came up with determinism. Structuralism, introduced in the United States by Edward Titchener, emphasizes the what of mental contents rather than the why or how. This theory is based on presuming all mental experiences could be understood in a combination of events of elements broken into smaller chunks. An example could be smelling a fragrance and trying to analyze what the ingredients are. The argument is that this simplistic theory is based on sensations of the consciousness. Functionalism, according to William James, is the ability for learned habits that help organisms adapt to the environment and function effectively. Structuralism searches for elements and contents, but functionalism goes into the property of the mind and it's interactions with the environment. John Dewy is a famous functionalist who used this theory in looking for ways to improve education. In order to understand a behavior, action, or thought, it is important to understand the function or purpose it serves not what the structure may be. In otherwords, explain behaviorism rather than control them. Evolutionism, a theory developed by Charles Darwin, proposes that all species have ever-changing traits that help organisms and species survive in what is called natural selection process. Functionalism deals with behavior whereas evolutionism deals with the process of behavior and mental processes. Structuralism on the other hand deals with what makes up the structure or human mind.

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Great tips on deductive essay writing

Great tips on deductive essay writing Deductive essay It is known that possessing remarkable critical thinking skills is rather useful. As to students, they have a marvelous opportunity to apply them when producing a deductive essay. The process of deductive reasoning has a lot in common with doing jigsaw puzzles. If you want to write a paper properly, you should ask your professor about the way of presenting arguments. Note that there are two types of arguments: propositional and categorical. When the instructions are specified, you may begin producing your work. By the way, there is no need to divide your piece of writing into sections. The thing is that it may cause some problems with providing information logically. Learn the Peculiarities of Deductive Essay Writing What Is a Deductive Essay? A deductive essay is a form of an academic essay, in which the writer should present logical reasoning in a form of a deductive argument. The professors assign this task to check the student`s ability to think logically and be able to present the sound and reasonable arguments to support some position. The key principle of writing such an essay implies the student`s ability to build a logical conclusion having ample information regarding some issue or subject. Most people often use the deductive skills in everyday life. As such, to understand the essence of the problem, they need to gather a lot of arguments and evidence. Indeed, almost all daily decisions are made with the help of a deductive approach. In other words, every person is able to make a logical conclusion considering the information he/she possess. A deductive writing style has a few peculiarities. As such, it requires an in-depth research about the topic and cannot be based on mere writer`s observations, especially if he/she is not an expert in this particular area. Moreover, to write a good deductive essay, you need to choose one of the most effective deductive essay topics. If you experience some difficulties with choosing the topic, feel free to address your professor and he or she will gladly assist. To summarize, writing a deductive essay is impossible without the clear thinking and analytical skills. If you state something, do not forget to support it with the reasonable evidence and remember that as long as you can prove your argument, it sounds good. Tips Which Help you Write an Exclusive Paper Select a Subject There is a huge variety of deductive essay topics. Thus, you need to choose the most suitable for your paper. The next essential step is to formulate a key statement. Otherwise, you will not be able to write a unique work. Remember that it is a fundamental element of your piece of writing. It sometimes happens that students single out a few central points. However, it is very hard to join everything together and provide incontrovertible facts to support ideas. Sometimes professors give students topics which they have to cover. Furthermore, even the main idea of your work may be formulated. In this case, writing a reasoning essay becomes more difficult. You have to make sure that there is enough material on exploring the subject. By the way, if you have stuck and do not understand how to move on, you may browse the Internet to get fresh ideas. You should not worry about plagiarism. When using sources, you collect information about the topic. However, you should complete an assignment on your own presenting your personal opinion about the issue. Thus, you will not be accused of plagiarism. By the way, you can always order an authentic deductive essay online. Present Facts In this section, you need to provide readers with powerful arguments concerning the examined matter. Therefore, you should explain research results clearly. If you produce this part of paper in the right way, you will not face problems with writing a good conclusion. If you do not want to miss any points, which should be covered, you need to write a comprehensive essay outline. In order to make your work valid, you should also present vivid deductive examples, statistical data, and concrete facts. Thus, your professor will understand that you deserve the highest grade. For this reason, you should not leave your paper till the last minute. If you have enough time, you will complete this assignment successfully. Make Conclusion Your research may lead to writing a few clear summaries. The main conclusion should restate the thesis and summarize your paper. Remember that it is important to explore the subject in detail. Only then, you will be able to arrive at reasonable conclusion. Now, you know how to answer the question â€Å"How do you write an essay of this type?† Each paragraph of your paper should analyze one point. If you follow this rule, you will structure your work properly. Surely, writing an essay of this kind is not easy. However, if you take the above-mentioned steps into account, you will succeed. Reasons to choose our deductive essay writing writing service We are the best organization in providing writing papers, research papers, essays, dissertations or term papers at cheap prices which you all can afford. We have been doing this business for years now and no organization has this much of experience compared to us. Our writers are professionals who know most of the topics inside out and write some of the finest piece of writings that you can get. It will definitely meet every of your requirement. Suppose you like doing mathematics and not writing essays. So what happen when English teacher comes and tells you to write an essay and your grades will be determined by those essays? You dont want your grades to suffer just because you don’t like writing essays and other writings, do you? You shouldnt be forced to write essays otherwise it will be like forcing a crime on an innocent. Writing can be a hectic task for the students who are not just that into it or writing anything for that matter. But fortunately you have got the option of buying essays online from us. You can buy essays from an organization which particularly provides professional writing material or you can get it from a second grade organization and completely waste your precious money. People like us are here to help you in writing any piece of material of any level. We truly put people out of their miseries when it comes to providing written materials. Dont hesitate on buying essays from us and your grades will never be a problem.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Project Manangement The Reluctant Worker Case Study

Project Manangement The Reluctant Worker - Case Study Example Moreover, these skills promote understanding among individuals at workplace and enable them sustain good relationships and this in turn benefits the organization. This paper represents a report based on the case study of the reluctant worker focusing particularly on key professional skills that influence the growth and development of an organization. Actually, there are core skills that are at play in the case of the reluctant workers. Basically, all professionals are required or encouraged to possess a broad range of skills but most importantly, is the ability to communicate effectively with others and be able to express their views freely. For instance, three key skills that apply or are insufficient here are lack of team building, Leadership skills as exhibited by the project manager, and planning. To start with, there is lack of team building among workers and their team leader in this organization. Ideally, team building refers to the ability to form productive groups and confor m to the rules set and cooperate with others with the aim of achieving a common goal. Arguably, team building at workplace enhances goal achievement, efficiency in working process and satisfies the workers (â€Å"Ferguson Publishers†, 2009). ... Team building therefore plays a significant role in motivating the workers hence, organization tasks progress more efficiently and effectively. Secondly, appropriate leadership skills are very essential in ensuring that the management operate in the required manner, workers are motivated to work accordingly with increased efforts thereby increasing productivity of the organization. According to Adair, leadership is regarded as the most important composition of management (Adair, 2013). A leader has to understand others and cooperate with them appropriately (â€Å"Ferguson Publishers†, 2009). Ideally, leadership involves accountability, transparency and understanding. Generally, good leaders act as a role model in the organization and always concentrate on upholding the name or reputation of the organization. They should be able to understand themselves and other people as well. More so, the best leader ensures completion of tasks, roles and responsibilities both assigned to th em and their subordinates (â€Å"Ferguson Publishers†, 2009). They are expected to exercise self development and self management in the light of leadership knowledge and skills. Based on the case study of the reluctant workers, the project manager, Tim Aston to a larger extent did not exhaust and practiced the recommended leadership skills required in his position. Aston failed to clearly define the sequence of activities, create appropriate time for the juniors to be able to attend the meetings, and motivating the workers maybe through teambuilding process. Aston did not actually communicate effectively to the workers and this we can assume that he lacked good communication skills to be able to convince the workers and understand their